Weber BBQ Range

The build up is here and wet season is fast approaching. While the weather’s still warm and the suns out gleaming it’s the perfect time for barbeques and we sell the best, Weber.

If you’re looking to buy one, or already have one and after accessories we’ve got you covered. From the Baby Q up to the Spirit Classic. All accessories you’ll need are in store and ready for you. There’s roasting trivets, cast iron breakfast plates, covers, cleaners and much more.

Save with Weber – Did you know that your typical four burner BBQ can cost you up to $1500 over 5 years?
Unbeatable Flavour – BBQ like never before.
The exceptional flavour of Weber meals will make your meals
irresistible the very first day you get your Weber home.
Roast, Bake & BBQ – The ultra-efficient lid down Weber cooking system will reduce your cost and create extraordinary BBQ flavours. Now you can BBQ all year long. Use your Weber to cook, roast or bake.

You probably know that Weber® barbecues are not just barbecues. These days Webers can cook almost anything. And they need to. People still want to barbecue but they also want to sear, roast, bake, smoke and fry.

Weber BBQ
NEW Weber BBQ Range Out Now

5 Year Warranty – The Weber® QTM’s are made from only the
highest-grade materials, chosen to weather the elements and to stand the test of time. It’s the quality of materials and pride in workmanship that places Weber® QTM’s in a class of their own and all comes with a
5 year warranty.

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